Diego Gutiérrez and Angelina Aleksandrovich Will Speak at Our Next Rooftop Party

At our next Bitcoin event in Playa del Carmen on March 28th we will have some prominent and attractive speakers.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar is one of the most important activists of the Bitcoin movement in Latin America. He co-founded the Bitcoin foundations of Argentina and Ibero-America as well as the Latin American Bitcoin Conference Labitconf. He is also the co-founder of Rootstock and the CEO of IOV Labs, a company that further develops this sidechain which makes DeFi on Bitcoin possible.

IOV Labs, which has employees in many countries, will get together for some strategic meetings in Cancún, which is just one hour drive away from Mexico’s popular nomad hub Playa del Carmen, where our meetups have been taking place since October 2020. Knowing that, of course I invited Diego to speak at our event.

Singing Karaoke at UNCHAIN Hamburg 2018

Diegito is also a good friend of mine since we met at Labitconf in 2013. He is a very busy man, but we always find the time for a drink and a good chat, sometimes even at the last minute at the airport. Here is an interview I did with him in Buenos Aires a while ago.

Less prominent but not less interesting is our second speaker Angelina Aleksandrovich, the founder of RD Land, a blockchain-based multiverse for radical self-expression. She describes it as “an immersive and adult-safe events and entertainment platform in the metaverse facilitating the full sensory experiences in the XR age.” Here you can read an article about Angelina.

Angelina Aleksandrovich explores virtual realities

Originally from Ukraine, Angelina lived in London for many years and is now a nomad. Like me and many others, she spends a part of her nomadic life in Playa del Carmen. We met at our last meetup when the manager of our rooftop bar complained that she only drank water from her own bottle. I found out that it’s not because of stinginess but because she doesn’t take any calories after 6pm to keep her body slim and fit.

Our rooftop parties are not standard crypto events, so we will have some live music from my new band which still lacks a name. We will play some songs about Bitcoin that I wrote. Here you see us rehearsing my new song “Who is Satoshi?”. The band consists of Dee Klinger on lead guitar, Lola Amar and Denise Valois as backing singers, and me on rhythm guitar and vocals. At the gig we will also have a percussionist. Bass anyone?

Normally the last Tuesday of the month is the date of the ARCA Private Club event, hosted by my friend Mariano Goren. He is building a network of high-caliber individuals around the Riviera Maya and organises regular events for it. As this Tuesday was the only day Diego was available, we decided to merge our events this time. If you happen to be in Mexico on March 28th, don’t miss our next Rootstock Rooftop party. We expect more people than normal, so please reserve your space.

By Aaron Koenig