My New Course “Bitcoin for Leaders”

I am working on a new video course for entrepreneurs, managers and other decision makers who want to learn about Bitcoin. Would you like to help me with it?

Leaders of all kinds, whether in business or politics, need to know about Bitcoin. There are already many books, podcasts and YouTube videos about it, but these people have little time. They don’t want to delve into the technical details. They just have to know what they need to make decisions: How can they use Bitcoin and blockchain technology in their business or institution? And they want this information in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality and depth.

I am now in the process of developing such a course for this target group. I invite you to cooperate with me in three ways.

  1. By testing the user experience of the buying process.
  2. By checking the scripts to make sure that everything is correct and easy to understand.
  3. By taking this survey and spreading it to other leaders.
  4. By connecting me with leaders who might be interested in this course.

In my view, the best strategy to make Bitcoin succeed is to convince leaders about its importance. Imagine if the CEO of a big supermarket chain takes my course and then decides to accept Bitcoin in his stores. Maybe the mayor of a city likes it and turns his city into a Bitcoin hub. Or the head of a global charity starts to accept donations in Bitcoin and uses it for cross-border payments.

If you bring me customers, I’ll pay you a commission, of course, but I think the long term value for Bitcoin adoption is even higher than the financial one for you and me.

Please contact me and we will sort out the details.

By Aaron Koenig