These are the people who write for the Hyperbitcoinizer. And you can be a writer, too! Please join this Telegram group to suggest an article you want to contribute!

Aaron Koenig is the Hyperbitcoinzer’s editor. He writes most of its articles.

Benedikt Lechner is a crypto consultant and editor of the blog Kapitalistenschwe.in.

Christoph Bergmann is the editor of Bitcoinblog.de, Germany’s leading publication on cryptocurrencies.

Frank Braun is a software developer from Berlin. He is also an editor of the online magazine shadowlife.cc.

Frank Schäffler is a member of the German Federal Parliament and an advocate of a free competition of currencies as proposed by the Austrian Economist Friedrich August von Hayek. He has been successfully fighting against anti-Bitcoin laws in the EU and Germany.

Philipp Nyhoegen is a libertarian, crypto trader and world traveller. He organises financial meetups in various cities.

Sterlin Lujan is a journalist, editor, speaker, anarchist, and essayist. He has been involved with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin since 2012. Sterlin is especially interested in the intersection of psychology and cryptography.

Thorsten Polleit is an economist at the gold trading company Degussa and the author of many articles and books on Austrian Economics.

Tomas Villalonga is the creator of “We are Bitcoin” a project that provides free education about Bitcoin and its subsequent layers.

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