How to Get Bitcoins

In my view, the best way to get Bitcoins is to earn them with your work. That’s how I made my first Bitcoins: I created promotional videos for crypto start-ups and got paid for them in their favourite currency. I also convinced the animators, designers and musicians I work with to accept Bitcoin. After some initial hesitation they are now happy they followed my advice. Accepting Bitcoin is not only beneficial for you, but for humanity. The more people use Bitcoin, the faster we can get rid of the sick and unfair monetary system that is ruling our world today.

A promotional video we made for “ThisApp”

Of course this is easier if you are a freelancer or have your own company and serve clients from the crypto world. If you are employed by a crypto company, it is normal to be paid in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. But even if your employer is from a different industry, why not ask to get paid in Bitcoin? Or find a better job?

Of course you can also exchange your soon-to-be-worthless dollars, euros, pesos, bolivares or other government shitcoins into good, hard Bitcoins. The best way to do that is to find someone who trades with you in private. Many cities have Bitcoin meetups where you might find a Bitcoiner who needs trash cash and gives you Bitcoin for it. You can find lots of meetups through It is definitely safer to meet a stranger in the protected environment of a meetup than alone in a bar or at a dark street corner – the risk of being cheated or robbed is much lower. But anyway, be careful.

This lady bought her first Bitcoin at my BXB Meetup in Berlin in July 2013

The easiest way to get Bitcoins for fiat money is to use an exchange, but keep in mind that these are centralised entities regulated by governments. They are required to ask you for your address, your ID, a selfie with your ID in your hand and other silly things bureaucrats come up with. You have to give up your financial privacy if you use an exchange such as Binance, Bitstamp,, FTX, Kraken, KuCoin etc.

I do not use exchanges myself, so I can only recommend one from the research I did, not from personal experience. ByBit seems to have the most attractive conditions for new users. You can receive a bonus of up to 4,380 USD, they offer an exclusive Ether Airdrop worth 1,000 USD and you pay zero fees on spot trading.

Bybit is currently one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto exchange platforms. It has more than ten million registered users and markets itself as a one-stop crypto destination. It also offers stablecoin-margined options contracts and NFTs.

ByBit was founded in 2018 by its CEO Ben Zhou. The company behind it is registered on the British Virgin Islands and headquartered in Singapore. This means it is not regulated by US government agencies, which you certainly don’t want to have any trouble with. US citizens are not allowed to use ByBit, but of course there are ways to circumvent that. You find some more information about ByBit in this article.

If you sign up through this affiliate link to ByBit, we will receive a provision. That would be a great way for you to support our work.

Thank you very much in advance!

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