Rooftop Party Tulum Style

Some impressions from our 4th Rootstock Rooftop Party in Playa del Carmen with guests from Tulum.

Our fourth monthly Rootstock Rooftop Party was the biggest yet. We had 35 to 40 visitors enjoying talks, music, snacks and drinks. Some came all the way from Tulum, which is about an hour’s drive south of Playa.

Our main speaker was Teresa Castagnoni, the co-founder of Tulum Crypto Fest. You can find more information about this event in our neighbouring town Tulum and some impressions of its first edition here.

I started the evening with an introductory talk about Bitcoin and its DeFi layer Rootstock. To make our guests from Tulum feel at home, I dressed up in typical Tuluminati style with hat, poncho and hippie jewellery.

I asked people to dress in the same style but in Playa people are generally more relaxed and casual as in Tulum, the “capital of Instagram”.

Only very few people (like the lady with the blue hat and hair) took our dress code for this evening seriously. However, I personally prefer a simple Bitcoin Beach t-shirt anyway.

Our body paint artist Mishel made some guests even more beautiful.

Peter from Holland, a regular participant in our meetups, won the prize for the most convincing Tuluminato, probably because of his cool maximalist body paint.

By Aaron Koenig with pictures by Philip Nyhoegen

P.S. I also played my Bitcoin Blues! Video by Violetta Jędryczko