Rootstock Rooftop Party with Lorena Ortiz

For the third time, we invited the Bitcoin community in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) to a party with a special guest on a rooftop.

Our guest this time was Lorena Ortiz, founder and director of the Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City. You can read an interview with Lorena here. She gave a very touching talk and answered many questions from the audience. The event was rather small and cosy, we had about 30 visitors, but it seemed that everybody had a really good time.

I started the evening with a short introductory talk about Rootstock. In case you don’t know it: it is a second layer based on Bitcoin that makes smart contracts and decentralised finance possible. I think it is a very important step towards a totally decentralised world of finance. We have published several articles about it, you can find them on our contents page under “Rootstock”.

Lorena told us her personal story: how she struggled as a teenage mother, didn’t know what to do with her life, until she found Bitcoin through a planned trip to Japan for a Punk & Metal festival. Now, in addition to running her bar and meeting place for the Mexican Bitcoin community, she is also a sought-after speaker and popular podcaster.
You can watch her talk here:

Camera: Marina San Martín

Add around 6:16 of the video you see somebody entering the rooftop who distracted me so much that I forgot to show the next slide of Lorena’s presentation. It was this reporter from Planet Claire.

After her talk, Lorena and some other visitors of our event were interviewed by her, as Luanda Lua from Planet Claire is researching human culture for her home planet.

By Aaron Koenig