A Rootstock Ambassador in Miami

I was invited to give a talk about DeFi on Bitcoin at FinTech Friday, a weekly meetup in Miami.

FinTech Friday is a regular event in Miami organised by Chris Marshall from Crypto Corridor. This time it was part of Miami Blockchain Week, it took place right after Quantum Miami closed.

Chris told me that around 500 people had registered. When I was there we were around 40 – 50. I suppose many people arrived late, after I left. It was a nice mix of people, not only the usual crypto geeks, but also artists, actors and musicians.

FinTech Friday’s venue is the Joia Beach Club, located on a beach of the Miami Bay. It is a beautiful place with colourfully lit palm trees and huts covered with palm leaves.

I was lucky to get on a boat that went there directly from the conference venue, the James L. Knight Convention Center in Downtown Miami. Our small group of “boat people” had a lot of fun on board. The others had to take Ubers or drive.

I like talking about DeFi on Bitcoin, especially Rootstock. For me it is very important that people know that smart contracts and decentralised finance apps work on Bitcoin as well as on Ethereum, just much safer and cheaper. That’s why I have joined Rootstock’s network of ambassadors.

The circumstances for my talk at Joia Beach Club were not easy, as there was no microphone and FinTech Friday is more of a networking event. Anyway, it was the perfect ending for Miami Blockchain Week for me. I didn’t stay very long, as I was quite tired after three days of Bitcoin talks.

By Aaron Koenig