What is Crypto Culture?

My art exhibition about Crypto Culture will premiere at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Buenos Aires on November 9th and then go on tour – but what exactly is Crypto Culture?

Dinorah Delfin: Laser Eyes

Crypto enthusiasts use many memes and funny expressions that you only understand if you have been part of the crypto community for a while – things like HODL, Honey Badger, To the Moon! etc. A vibrant and interesting culture has developed around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some people even call it a religion, with its own rituals, holidays and priests, but I think the term culture fits best.

Cryptograffiti: HODL

My exhibition shows artworks that play with these memes and represent crypto culture in all its facets. It will take place at Espacio Cultural Bitcoin in Buenos Aires – the most important hub of crypto culture in Latin America – from November 9th to 26th. On display are paintings, videos and objects by well-known crypto artists such as Cryptograffiti, Fira or Lucho Poletti, and by up-and-coming artists of this new art scene.

The exhibition will be shown during the Latin American Bitcoin Conference and for two more weeks afterwards. On the one hand this is an exhibition for people who identify themselves with crypto culture and are proud to be a part of this global movement. Some call themselves Bitcoiners, wear Bitcoin t-shirts and speak Bitcoin jargon, others are enthusiastic about coins like Ethereum, Dogecoin or Monero.

But more importantly, we want to reach out to people who don’t know much about crypto culture yet, but are curious to learn more about this phenomenon which is undoubtedly changing the world. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour 108 page book which tells the stories behind the artworks. It is a good way to introduce crypto culture to new people who might not want to read a book with long texts, but are happy to browse through an easy-to-read book with many images and short info snippets.

Many of the artworks featured in this exhibition are available as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Carnaval.art, a new art market which is based on Rootstock technology. Here you can buy artworks of this exhibition.

After the premiere we plan to bring the exhibition to other cities. We are already in talks with galleries and art event organisers in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Tulum, São Paulo, Berlin, Lisbon and Barcelona. If you would like to host this exhibition in your city, please contact me!

Max Cryptohead: Pizza Party

Some Typical Crypto Expressions

Originally just a misspelling of the word “hold” in an online forum, this word now expresses the attitude to keep your coins regardless of Bitcoin’s price swings.

Honey Badger
A fearless animal which has become the mascot of Bitcoin, as it fights with much bigger predators such as lions and hyenas. It can also survive bites of venenous snakes thanks to its thick skin.

Max Cryptohead: Honey Badger Don’t Care

Laser Eyes
If you add laser eyes to your profile picture, e.g. on Twitter or Instagram, you express that you are a Bitcoin supporter.

Pizza Party
On May 22nd the Bitcoin community celebrates Bitcoin pizza day, as on that day in 2010, a programmer from Florida bought the first real good for Bitcoin: two pizzas, for which he paid 10,000 Bitcoin (today around 200 Million USD)

To the Moon!
A wish by Bitcoiners that the Bitcoin price may rise and rise.

Max Cryptohead: To the Moon!

By Aaron Koenig