Meet the Hyperbitcoinizers!

The first band that was named after a blog (this one!) had its first two gigs, both at rooftop parties in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

For the first time we performed live at the Rootstock Rooftop Party on March 28th. All five current members were present: Dee Klinger (lead guitar), Horácio Lopez (percussion), Lola Amar & Denise Valois (vocals) and myself (vocals and rhythm guitar).

On April 1st we played a semi-unplugged gig at a private party without Horácio (who was working) and Denise (who was sick).

The track list:
Blockchain Eternity
– Who is Satoshi?
– My Love is an NFT
– I lost My Wallet
Bitcoin Beach

Philipp Nyhoegen captured “Who is Satoshi?” with his mobile phone, thank you Philipp! One open question remains: is the guy who runs into the picture Satoshi Nakamoto?

Here are the lyrics:

Standing on the shoulder of giants
Satoshi just connected the dots
Put the puzzle pieces together
Then he built a chain out of blocks

Who is Satoshi?
We don’t know!

Pythagoras could have been a scammer
But his theorem would work anyway
We will never know if Satoshi
Was Japanese, female or gay

Who is Satoshi?
We don’t know!

Satoshi’s work is shaping the future
The world will never be the same
The powerful are losing their power
Regardless of Satoshi’s real name

Who is Satoshi?
We don’t care!