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Some sweet memories of Miami Blockchain Week 2021, where we showed our exhibition 21 Heads – The Crypto Hall of Fame.

Eryka Gemma with the mayor’s document

Today I’m heading to Miami, where for one week the whole city will revolve around Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Miami Blockchain Week takes place every January. It started with the North American Bitcoin Conference, which has been organised in Miami since 2014, now rebranded Quantum Miami. Since 2021, Blockchain Week has been officially supported by the Miami city government and its Bitcoin-friendly mayor Francis Suarez.

In 2021 we showed our art exhibition 21 Heads – the Crypto Hall of Fame during Miami Blockchain Week. It consists of portraits of the “heroes” of the crypto movement, people like Satoshi Nakamoto, David Chaum, Nick Szabo or Vitalik Buterin. The latter announced the creation of Ethereum in Miami in January 2014. Seven years later, we inducted him to the Crypto Hall of Fame at the same location.

Annalese Abreu shows me virtual reality artworks

The exhibition was shown at the (now defunct) Bitcoin Mining Market in Miami’s arts district Wynwood. In addition to our exhibition, there were also talks and exhibits about virtual and augmented reality.

You can see a short documentary about it here. It was shot by my friend Elizabeth Biström from Venezuela, the blonde lady in the first picture.

The event was organised by our friends from BitBasel, who specialise in doing crypto art events. Here I interview their co-founder Scott Spiegel.

The finale was a performance of Bitcoin to the Moon with Annalese “Bitcoin Queen” Abreu and Eryka Gemma, two of the most important activists of Miami’s vibrant Bitcoin and Crypto Art scene.
The colour prints of Max Cryptohead‘s digital paintings were made in Mexico City, where we had an exhibition before. I carried them as hand luggage on the plane, hung them on the wall and took everything down again after the show.

This time I will give a talk about DeFi on Bitcoin, with a focus on Rootstock. It will be part of the FinTech Friday series organised by Chris Marshall. During Blockchain Week he expects a large audience. I will also see my co-producer for a new film project I am working on. Looking forward to Miami Blockchain Week 2023!

By Aaron Koenig