“Our Philosophy is to Exit and Build”

Interview with Derrick Broze from The Greater Reset about building a future where all relationships are voluntary.

HYPERBITCOINIZER: What is The Greater Reset?

It is an attempt to provide a path forward for those who value individual liberty, bodily autonomy, clean organic food, and a deeper connection with the planet. In short, it is a 5-day solutions focused event that offers ideas for those who are seeking to build a better world.

What made you start it?

I co-created The Greater Reset in late 2020 after the World Economic Forum announced “The Great Reset” initiative, a vision of a world where privacy and individual liberty are exchanged for all pervasive surveillance, control of our lives, and the end of private ownership. We believe in providing alternatives to the problems in the world, not asking governments to save us or resorting to violence. Our philosophy is to “Exit and Build” from systems which do not align with our values.

How can the “Exit & Build” philosophy be applied in practice?

The Exit and Build strategy was first outlined in 2019 in my book, How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State. It involves taking an assessment of your life to see where your actions and habits might be out of alignment with your principles. More specifically, looking for areas of your life where your habits will not be conducive to liberty in the long term.

This could mean taking your kids out of public education for homeschooling; taking your money out of the banks and using Bitcoin, other cryptocoins or precious metals; growing your own food and/or supporting local farms who do as to lessen dependence on the mainstream grocery chains and food production systems; and getting off big tech by using decentralized, open source tech tools.

What will happen at your events in Texas and Mexico?

We have more than 40 plus activists, journalists, permaculture teachers, homesteaders, technologists, and thought leaders who will share solutions in 5 different areas over 5 days: Health (mental, physical, & spiritual), Permaculture and Food Independence, Parallel Networks, Take Back Our Tech, and Building Free Communities.

In addition to the speakers’ presentations we will also have community workshops organized by presenters and community members on a wide range of topics related to the above themes. We will also have live music featuring Zuby (Texas) and 33, Kin of Merlin (Mexico), documentary screenings, networking, and much more.

All talks are available for free at our website.

Why do you do two parallel events in two locations? Why these?

The Greater Reset Activation is held in Texas in the United States and Morelia in central Mexico. We chose these locations for multiple reasons. The most obvious reason is because I live in Morelia and my partner John Bush resides in central Texas. Also, during the height of COVID lockdowns Texas and Mexico were both places that were relatively free compared to many nations in the world.

Finally, we see a burgeoning Texas-Mexico connection with freedom loving activists on both sides of the border. We are doing what we can to build a movement in Texas and across Mexico. In Mexico we are focused on collaborating with local Mexicans to spread our message and vision. So far it’s been a success.

Final party at The Great Reset 2022 in Texas

How is your vision of the future if The Greater Reset is successful?

The vision of the future myself and others are working towards is a world where all relationships are voluntary and consensual. This world would allow individuals and communities to decide their own means of organizing and exchanging. For some people this would mean a world with little to no government or central banks. This world will be filled with thousands of intentional communities, ecovillages, and homesteads all organizing in the way which serves their needs best. This will be a world that balances technology and the natural world. The technology used and promoted will also be open source, distributed and anonymous. Ultimately, no one can say what this world might look like but The Greater Reset, The Freedom Cell Network and associated groups are united by a belief in individual liberty, voluntaryism, mutual aid, and community.

Interview by Aaron Koenig