Crypto Art Is Here to Stay

Here are some impressions from our crypto art workshop at Espacio Cultural Bitcoin on November 15th, 2022.

Around 30 artists, gallerists and collectors came to the crypto hub in the centre of Buenos Aires to discuss crypto art and NFTs with our experts. Before and after the talks they could see our exhibition Crypto Art & Crypto Culture which was shown in the same room.

I was very pleased with the number of participants and especially with the high quality of the talks. An interesting fact: at normal Bitcoin meetings, the audience is usually 90% male. Our audience was 50:50 female/male. Many of them were artists who had participated in Labitconf.

Aida Pippo, artist and curator of the Premio B-Arte Award, Paula Woscoboinik, artist and owner of the gallery Wosco Art, Gus Grillasca, artist, NFT OG and software developer, and Mati Albaca, COO of the Bitcoin-based art platform Carnaval, shared their knowledge and experience with the audience.

People asked them many good questions and we had a very interesting discussion. We talked about which Blockchain is the best to use (Ethereum or Bitcoin/Rootstock?), which function galleries will have in the art business of the future, the pros and cons of different royalty models, and many other things related to crypto art and NFTs.

Although the big NFT hype of 2021 is over and sales on all platforms have dropped significantly, we all agree that crypto art is here to stay and that NFTs will continue to play an important role in the art world.

Afterwards nearly the whole group went to the nearby Dada Bistro for drinks, snacks and more discussions on crypto art. It was the second time we organised such a workshop after New York City in June 2021, and we will surely do it again.

Such a lovely group deserves a selfie

By Aaron Koenig, with pictures by Diego Rojas.