Webinar: FOMO – Fear of Missing Out


FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

Is It Too Late to
Get Into Bitcoin?

A Free Webinar
by Aaron Koenig



What if you had invested 100 dollar in Bitcoin in February 2011? You would own more than 3 million dollar now!


What if your business had accepted Bitcoin when you could get 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas?


What if you had started a Bitcoin company when nobody else did? Would you be a billionaire now?


“What if” questions of this type can make you feel really bad, but they don’t get you anywhere.


Is it already too late to get into Bitcoin? I don’t think so.

Bitcoin is still in an early stage. It offers numerous business opportunities, also for you.


What will you take away from this webinar?

How to cope with the “Fear of Missing Out”
How to avoid the most common mistakes with Bitcoin
How to seize your chance with Bitcoin
The right mindset to succeed in Bitcoin
A basic understanding why Bitcoin matters 


In this webinar I will share my experiences with you, so you don’t need to repeat the mistakes I made.


I will show you that the best time to get into Bitcoin is now.


April 25h, 1pm EST / 6pm EST or

April 27th, 1pm EST / 6pm GMT


I have been active in the Bitcoin industry since 2011. I have missed many opportunities to invest in Bitcoin myself. I spent five Bitcoins on a burger and a beer – and I don’t regret it!


Although I missed many opportunities, Bitcoin set me financially free.


I wrote five books about Bitcoin and blockchain tech and created more than one hundred educational videos about it.


I have been giving talks about Bitcoin and blockchain tech at many conferences and I publish a blog.


My major expertise is explaining complicated matters in an easily understandable way.




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