Enjoy ‘Programmable Money’

Our guest author Dominic Frisby has created this amazing music video about surveillance coins and Bitcoin as a tool for resistance.

Experience the future with Dominic Frisby’s groundbreaking music video, featuring a stellar cast of talent. “Programmable Money” takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a dystopian world where control and surveillance reign supreme. A thought-provoking, dystopian visual masterpiece. (Blurb by Chat GPT)

Here is my view of Central Bank Digital Coins.

The Lyrics

C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)
C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)

We’ll monitor every purchase you make.
Every transaction or decision you take.
If you’re not doing wrong, what is there to hide?
How you spend money is for us to decide.

Your social credit rating, how do you score?
If you’re compliant you will get your reward.
You may only own what we deem you can own.
If you don’t register we’ll block your phone.

Wait! You’ll be late for the expiry date.
The state has mandated you money terminates.
So spend speculate, before it’s confiscated.
This is what we’re going to orchestrate.
No more saving.

C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)
C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)

Your money’s now a tool of policy.
You will be living in a smart city.
You may only travel in a limited range.
Energy and meat rations cos climate change.

We’ll take your dough if we think it’s owed.
No matter if you do not think it’s so.
Taxes and fines fares fees of all kinds .
All embedded in the lines of code.
Hail Big Brother!

Tears of the sun, fallen from heaven.
Empires fall. Radiant droplets everlasting.

C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)
C – B – D – C (Programmable Money)

We will implant you with a microchip,
AI and other forms of censorship.
We will decide what is good for you.
Total control there’s nothing you can do.

Bitcoin fixes this!

Dominic Frisby is an author, actor, comedian and filmmaker from London.
He writes the newsletter The Flying Frisby
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