Recording “Who is Satoshi?”

We are working on an animated trailer for our cinema film “Satoshi’s Last Will”, based on the song “Who is Satoshi”. Please support it!

Raising a few million dollars for a big film production is not an easy task. Our first approach is to convince Bitcoin whales and Bitcoin enthusiasts to invest in this project. We are now working on an animated trailer, which we will show at Bitcoin conferences and other events.

The trailer will look a bit like a music video: the main protagonists of our movie are singing the song “Who is Satoshi?” that I wrote and already performed it several times at Bitcoin meetups and conferences, e.g. BTC Prague in June. Some of the film’s characters have already been developed by our team in Buenos Aires.

My friend Julio Kladniew, who did the music for all our films since 2014, has created a cool funky arrangement. Yesterday we went to a sound studio in Málaga, Spain, to record the vocals. Luckily we were both in this nice town at the Costa del Sol, so we booked a studio there. I recorded my rhythm guitar and double tracked lead vocals, Denise, Julio and myself sang backing vocals.

The song’s chorus follows a question/answer pattern: I sing “Who is Satoshi?”, the choir answers, at first “We don’t know”, later “We don’t care”. This is to express that it doesn’t really matter anymore who hides behind that Japanese pseudonym. Bitcoin has grown into a big, decentralised project with many people involved. Satoshi, whoever that might be, was wise enough to step back and leave his “baby” alone to grow up.

The trailer is quite advanced, but we need some more money to finish it. That’s why we have created a crowdfunding campaign on the Lightning-based platform Geyser. If you want to support this film project, please donate some coins. We think it can really boost public attention for Bitcoin. Every Satoshi counts!