‘Crypto Culture’ at Paralelni Polis Prague

Yesterday my exhibition ‘Crypto Art & Crypto Culture’ opened in Prague. It can be seen at Paralelni Polis until June 22nd.

Prague is the second station of my travelling exhibition ‘Crypto Art & Crypto Culture’ after its successful inauguration during Labitconf (the Latin American Bitcoin Conference) in Buenos Aires. A few days after the BTC Prague conference we opened the exhibition on June 13 at Paralelni Polis, the Bitcoin hub of Central Europe. You can watch it for free at Delnicka 475/43 in Prague 7 from 10am to 8pm.

I am glad that after our premiere at Espacio Bitcoin Buenos Aires in November 2022, we can show this exhibition at another important power place of the Bitcoin universe. Thanks to Katka for organising everything and to all the people who came to our vernissage!

Here is my friend and drummer Toby watching the very first Bitcoin music video Alpaca Socks by Max Min, which was made in 2012. I like the minimalistic style of the music and the video and the lyrics: “We mine our coins deep inside the blocks, we spend our cash on alpaca socks”.

Bill, Claudia and Key came all the way from Dubai to visit my exhibition. Maybe we can show it there soon?

The portraits of crypto pioneers such as Erik Voorhees created by Max Cryptohead, which can also be seen in the Crypto Hall of Fame, are an integral part of the exhibition.

If you run a Bitcoin Embassy, a gallery or any venue where this exhibition can be shown, please contact me. It consists of three video loops, so three big screens is all you need to make it happen.

By Aaron Koenig