Why I Recommend BTC Prague

Our guest author Lina Seiche about BTC Prague (June 8 to 10), Europe’s biggest Bitcoin conference, and the brothers Martin and Matyas Kuchař who organise it.

Martin Kuchař first reached out to me in summer last year to explore a collaboration for an event. I was surprised, to say the least, when he told me they were going for the BIGGEST Bitcoin conference in Europe. A first-time conference in the middle of a bear market, with 10,000 attendees? A very ambitious goal, considering Europe just really didn’t have any large-scale Bitcoin conferences at the time.

We started working on a special edition of the LittleHODLer for the conference. It’s super-special by the way; do pick one up to support them (and me) if you’re in Prague (which you should be). Then, almost in passing, they mentioned that they were organizing a smaller conference ahead of BTC Prague, in September 2022. It would “only” have 2,000 people and take place in Ostrava in Eastern Czech Republic. “Join us if you’re free!” And I did. I took a plane to Prague and from there got on a train, four hours towards Ostrava – a city I probably would have never ended up visiting if it wasn’t for Bitcoin. What an experience. Yet the real experience was the event.

Chaincamp took place in a remote industrial venue. I was blown away by how well the guys had organized the event. From the decoration to the booths and food options, everything was done so professionally. Most of all – it was packed. A Bitcoin-only conference, held completely in Czech, and 2,000 people crowded the place. In a bear market! At that point, I knew Martin and Matyas don’t just talk the talk. They can execute.

Since that day, I have been happily shilling BTC Prague to everyone around me as one of THE events this year. After Ostrava, I met the brothers again many times. Because not only did they and their team work very hard on organizing everything in Prague, but their market research is second to none. We ran into each other in Innsbruck, then in Amsterdam, and then in Los Angeles. They did their homework studying the industry inside and out. This dedication amazes me!

But beyond everything else, Martin and Matyas are some of the kindest people I have ever met in this industry. Normally I don’t write long texts, I do comics with two-word descriptions. But I had to share this, because these two brothers are working incredibly hard and incredibly smart to put together an unforgettable Bitcoin event in Europe. If you don’t have a ticket yet, it is actually very affordable to purchase one. Please consider joining us there next week. Personally, I can’t wait!

Lina Seiche is the creator of the LittleHODLer, a comic which aims to make money less intimidating, more inviting and more huggable.