Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day in a GOOD Way!

May 22nd is Bitcoin Pizza Day. Let’s turn it into a worldwide charity event. Buy a pizza for Bitcoin and give it to someone who needs it!

The global Bitcoin community celebrates May 22nd as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, because on that day in 2010, Bitcoin early adopter Laszlo Hanyecz from Florida bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. It was the first time a real world analogue good was bought for Bitcoin, so this purchase has become legendary. Read the whole story here!

It has become a tradition for Bitcoiners to gather on May 22nd and eat huge amounts of pizza to celebrate this special day. Some companies or local communities have also used this opportunity to share with people who are in need by buying pizzas and donating them to homeless people. I think this was done for the first time by the local Bitcoin community in Buenos Aires.

Laszlo Hanyecz eats pizza with his kids

Such a charity activity is a great way to show that Bitcoin is not only about getting rich and driving Lamborghinis, but that it has a strong social component, too. Therefore I suggest that we ALL celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day in such a way.

The easiest way to do it: just buy a pizza and give to the next homeless person you see. Of course it would be best to buy the pizza with Bitcoin directly, but if that is not possible, just change some Bitcoins to dollars, pesos, euros or whatever you are still using in your country and buy it with that.

Images created by Dall-E

If you want, you can also organise something bigger with your local Bitcoin community. You could buy many pizzas or even make them yourselves, put up a big table and invite hungry people to eat them with you. Maybe you can invite some local journalists to report about this activity. Everyone should know that Bitcoiners are active everywhere to make the world a better place.

Images created by Dall-E

Therefore I suggest to take pictures of your activities in order to document them. I have set up this Facebook page, so you can easily upload your pictures. If you don’t like Facebook, you can also send the pictures to me and I upload them for you.

You may use this “Bitcoin Pizza Day” logo I created to put it on pizza boxes. posters or social media pages. Wouldn’t it be great if people can immediately see that this is happening all over the world on the same day – but organised in a totally decentralised way? Here you can download the logo in a positive and a negative variation.

May it be the best Bitcoin Pizza Day ever!

By Aaron Koenig.

Main image: CC by Mart Production