Igor Vzlomchik: “I hate Bitcoin!”

For some days this blog was offline because it got hacked. But I identified the hacker and interviewed him.

Hyperbitcoinizer: Mr. Vzlomchik, why did you hack our website?

Igor Vzlomchik: Because I hate Bitcoin. Hyperbitcoinization is dangerous. It shall never happen!

Why do you hate it?

I think money must be controlled by government, otherwise we would have chaos and anarchy!

Any other reasons?

Bitcoin uses too much energy, more than whole country of Kazakhstan. We should rather use all this energy to play videogames, watch porn and send cat videos over Internet.

We agree to disagree. But why did you have to hack our website, can’t you just accept any other opinions?

No, Bitcoin has to be destroyed. It makes people rebellious.

How did you do it?

That was easy. There was outdated WordPress plugin I could use.

For whom do you work?

I can’t tell you that. But you should know that this special operation was commissioned from very top.

Большое спасибо за это интервью, господин Взломщик!

Comment: we have deleted the malicious plugin and many other plugins that might be used for hacker attacks.