Labitconf Unplugged

Enjoy the acoustic version of my Labitconf song

Last Wednesday I performed an unplugged version of my Labitconf song at Tulum Crypto Club, a weekly meetup in Mexico’s fanciest beach town. Steph Ferrera, a key figure of the Tulum crypto scene, helped me by singing harmony vocals and radiating joy. Here is a video of it:

It was great fun to play this new song in front of a live audience. The Crypto Tuluminati passionately clapped and sang along, so I felt like I was on Top of the Pops! I prefer the fully orchestrated studio track with brass, percussion, bass and piano, but this minimalistic version also has its charm.

Rodolfo Andragnes listened to the song

Did you notice the cool t-shirt I wear saying “I am Satoshi Nakamoto, too” in Spanish? I bought it at the Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City, the best place for Bitcoin in North America.

Nika Frolova and Luis Corona from Sinapsis production filmed our performance, I did the editing of this simple video myself. Do you find the small continuity mistake in it? I don’t mean me messing up the guitar chords at times, but the obvious editing error. I can live with it, as otherwise the video wouldn’t have that nice ending. Can you detect it? If so, please post it in our Telegram group! Whoever posts it first will be invited for a drink at Labitconf!

By Aaron Koenig